What is Managed Hosting
Managed hosting is a kind of internet hosting where you are provided with a dedicated server on lease which is not shared with anyone. This is anytime better than shared hosting as you can have a complete control over the hardware, the operating systems etc. Managed hosting can prove to be very beneficial for the businesses if they are hoping to expand their functions online and to make them easily accessible to the customers round the globe online. A managed hosting is very beneficial for the business who wants to make an online presence and increase their exposure to worldwide audience.

Managed hosting has number of advantages for the businesses and individuals. Businesses or individuals with such kind of programs can benefit a lot as they can have a very quick connection because of the dedicated servers. In such kind of hosting there is no need to share hosting space, bandwidth etc with others as you will have a dedicated server to work from. Managed hosting is cost effective as it helps you to save lots of money on the purchase of equipments which can be useful in hosting your website. Such equipments are the servers and the networking software. But such kind of hosting can be a bit costly if you need you needs a higher bandwidth to run your website effectively.

Such kind of hosting also helps you to save money on purchasing the security and software and packages as there are many managed hosting companies which provide additional internet security and monitoring services which can help you to stay away from the problems of viruses or computer hacks. The managed hosting companies can also make sure that your website runs smoothly without any interruption. Such companies also provides plans for disaster recovery, data backup etc.

Individuals who are trying to host their website on their own dedicated servers can face lots of problems of website downtime and hence it is advisable for them to hire a top hosting company. Such companies make sure that they monitor the websites and ensure an average up time of more than 96% which is practically not possible for the individuals to maintain. If your business do not have an IT department and if anything goes wrong you just cannot wait and watch. There are number of managed hosting companies which are providing 24x7 technical supports which can be very beneficial.

Managed hosting has therefore plenty of benefits for your business.

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