standard design package

The standard design package offers the following features:

standard package

Starters Design Package
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- Custom Layout
- 10 Content Pages
- 10 Graphics or Pictures
- Custom Logo
- CSS Optimized Site
- Search Engine Optimized
- HTML or XHTML Compliant
- Contact Form

In choosing our Standard Package, you will recieve a 100% custom website design. We feel that every company prefers to be unique, and not have just another boring design, or a copy of another site. The Standard Package also includes up to 10 content pages, meaning that we will build you a website that contains up to 10 pages which is great for any business. You are also allowed to have up to 10 graphics/pictures and a Custom logo. Unlike any other company, our Starters Package will develop your site to be 100% compliant to W3C Standards, and 100% CSS. In addition to that we will also code your site to be Search Engine Friendly, allowing your site to move up in rankings quicker, and easily. Creating your site in CSS, Search Engine Optimized, and up to W3C Standards would give your site quicker load time, high positions in Search Engine's, and a site that will work the same on every computer all over the world. In addition to all of the pages we would create for you, we would also include a Online Contact Us Form where clients, or visitors can email you directly from the website.

Detailed Package Features

Custom Layout


Content Pages





Custom Designed


CSS Optimized



Ecommerce Website




You can run Windows Windows, Linux Linux or Mac OS Mac OS on your computer, it doesn't matter. We're fully compatible!

Maintenance Programs

Our maintenance plans offer free hosting. So if your company needs a website designed and managed our company can do just that for you.

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