How to Make a RSS Feed
RSS refers to Really Simple Syndication and is the XML formatted text file. The main purpose of creating RSS feeds by the webmasters is to provide information to the subscribers. The subscribers can get information on any subject they want.

Making a RSS feed for yourself is very easy. RSS is the technique of allocating your content. If you have a website that contains constructive content, it will allocate links to your content so that others can have access to it. This will enable the readers to get to your content without actually visiting your website. The RSS reader helps to get to your RSS feed and hence the subscribers will view the content from the RSS reader.

If you have knowledge about html making a RSS file is not a problem. If you have a website and the web site page demonstrates websites that you recommend then these websites gets listed with the title, description and link in the RSS feed. You also need to add standard header and footer tags to RSS feed. For this you need to add tags for your web site.

After preparing a RSS feed, it is to be save d in the xml file and validate your xml. For this you can also take the advantage of the free validation services like Feed Editor, etc. And then mechanize the entire process. But then just making your RSS feed is of no advantage if you do not get subscribes to read it. Therefore you will have to visit and search for the most popular directories and then submit your website to those directories. This will allow the major services to know that your weblog or the RSS feed have been modified and that you have a new content for them to go through. Therefore making a RSS feed is not a problem but an easy task.

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