How to Make a Google Site Map
Google site map can prove to be very effective for your website in order to get is indexed and updated with Google. Google site map can be very effective on your website as it can help to speed up the addition of web pages in the Google index. Google site map also helps to find the web pages quickly which have been changed in recent times. A Google site map also helps your website to get listed and appear quickly on Google. There are several benefits of having Google site map, but the question is how to make a Google Site Map.

Creating a Google site map manually may consume lots of time especially when there are lots of pages of the website. But now Google provides a site map generator which has reduced all the efforts and has made the work of creating a Google site map very easy. The sitemap protocol along with the python script is used to make the site map for your site. There are also list of free site map generators available on the internet. Such site maps are known for easy use, free and quick generation of XML codes for your website.

Here are some of the steps which you should consider in order to create a site map:

Go the website of site map generator and enter your websites URL or address. Then it will generate a code for your website; make sure that you save the code in a notepad with the file name as sitemap.xml. Then upload this map to the root directory of your web server. After you are completed with all the process open up a Google sitemap account and see to it that you submit your sites address. When you add or modify any page to your website log on to this account and press the resubmit button.

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