Steps in Submitting Your Site to Google
Some people are of the opinion that submitting a website to Google is a difficult task and it may require the help of an expert. But if you are one of such people then your thinking is totally or you are totally misinformed. The wrong perception about submitting your website to Google is difficult can arise in your mind if you read the information from the business or companies website on Internet as they are just present to sell their service. Submitting your site to Google is not at all difficult, it is as easy as uploading a file or any other document to the online server. Most of the webmasters are confused about when to submit the website to the Google search engine. Here are some of the steps in submitting your site to Google.

Website submission should be done when you register the domain name for website. Most of the webmaster waits till the whole website is developed and this really delays the indexing of the website by around five to six months. Submit your website when you book the domain irrespective about the content, design, business plan etc of the website. It is very important to do so as the website really takes lots of time to get indexed on the Google and this can delay your website from getting ranked on the search engines. The delay can be of weeks or even months depending upon the type of search engine strategy you use. In normal circumstances your website takes around 2-3 months to get indexed on the search engines and the period of around 6 months to get your website ranked on the initial page of the Google search engine. In these 8-9 months you can get your business plan ready and start the operations with the help of websites. Leaving aside the entire factors Google sandbox can also be helpful.

Google sandbox is a Google filter which has a very distinct function as it holds the ranking of the new website till Google verifies its reliability. There are many things which can perform by you and there is no need to spend money on such things by taking the help of some companies or professionals. You just have to find a Google add URL website and then you have to describe your website or domain name in some words. Website submission is very important in order to make it noticeable to the people.

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