Htaccess 301 Redirect
If you have a website with high ranking on search engines and if you do not won’t to loose those high rankings even if you have redesigned some of your web pages then you can use htaccess 310 redirect. You won’t loose your website ranking even if your transfer the web traffic from your old web page to the new one with ...Read More

What You Need to Run a Ecommerce Website
Majority of businesses have realized the importance of E-commerce and that are including them in their business plans. Involving E-commerce in the business requires knowledge on various components, as these components will help in creating E-commerce web site. It is very important that you sign with quality web hos...Read More

How to Make a RSS Feed
RSS refers to Really Simple Syndication and is the XML formatted text file. The main purpose of creating RSS feeds by the webmasters is to provide information to the subscribers. The subscribers can get information on any subject they want. Making a RSS feed for yourself is very easy. RSS is the technique of allocat...Read More

How to Make a Yahoo Site Map
A site map is very effective for a website as it helps to get the website indexed quickly by the search engines and allows your website to get listed and updated. How to make a yahoo site map is the question which is asked by many people. Development of site initially was a very difficult and time consuming task as...Read More

How to Make a Google Site Map
Google site map can prove to be very effective for your website in order to get is indexed and updated with Google. Google site map can be very effective on your website as it can help to speed up the addition of web pages in the Google index. Google site map also helps to find the web pages quickly which have been cha...Read More

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