AJAX is the Future
AJAX is a new and fast growing technology, but how far do you think it can go? AJAX is really now limitless especially when used with a powerful server side scripting language such as PHP. If used correctly these two languages can be used to make anything, even scripts that resemble desktop applications. So what exactl...Read More

Is Updating Your Website Necessary
Updating your website is very important for SEO and SEM. A question that may come to some people is if they should constantly update their website. Does it really help in Search Engine Results? What exactly needs to be updated? And is there anyway to automate it? Well first off, updating your website really does he...Read More

Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing, more commonly known as SEM, is defined as the process of improving the quality of the leads generated by the search engines. Search Engine Marketing is a tedious job and requires a lot of attention and user input. When focusing on SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, you need to keep the Customer i...Read More

What You Need to Learn CSS
CSS, the one thing everyone is leaning toward nowadays on the web. To work with CSS all you really need is a text editor such as Notepad and a Web Browser, any will do but just remember when creating websites using CSS you need to be browser cautious because not all browsers render CSS the same. Before working with CS...Read More

Search Engine Optimization
What is Search Engine Optimization, more commonly known as SEO? By definition Search Engine Optimization is the technique used for improving the quality of traffic that you get to your website. When focusing on SEO, you are focusing on usually three Main Goals; Volume of Traffic, Organic Listings, and an Increase in S...Read More

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