SEO What You Should Know
SEO is not as easy as people make it out to be. Sure you might get the usual emails saying “25 dollars will get you the number 1 spot in Google”, but you really wont get anywhere with that. Search Engine Optimization is hard work, so its good to at least focus and set some guidelines, that way you don’t get lost throug...Read More

Writing Relevant Content
Creating a website is a very important and impressionable thing. If you think about you are creating a worldwide presence, hint the www (worldwide web) in all of the URL’s out there. Lets take a shopping cart for example, when selling a service or a product the content needs to be developed in a way that will catch the...Read More

Am I a Web Developer
First we should define what a web developer really is. A web developer is a person that can develop a fully functional website. They need to be able to handle all of the front-end tasks as well as the back-end tasks. So how can you actually consider yourself to be a web developer? If you can answer yes to all of the fo...Read More

Planning Your Website
As with any website there is a process that it needs to go through in order for the website to come to existence. Planning your website is a very crucial part and takes a huge toll in the success of your site. Some of the biggest sites probably look like they just through something together, but don’t be fooled a lot w...Read More

Building Websites 101
Websites in general can be anywhere from complex database driven to the very simple informational sites. Every website though still has one thing in common which is the building blocks it follows. Depending on your needs, and the decisions you make will determine the kind of website you need. So what are the steps i...Read More

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