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Search engine marketing is not all about improving your website for increasing search engine rankings. Search engine marketing includes search engine optimization process as well as many marketing methods in order to increase the popularity and improving the website ranking on various on various search engines. There are many steps which come under search engine marketing and therefore creating a SEM check list in order to remember the methods and performing it properly.

Search engine optimization is one of the parts of search engine marketing and therefore performing this process properly is very important. There are various aspects in search engine optimization and some of them are keyword optimization, content optimization, custom website design, graphics and logos, title, tags and domain name etc. the keyword optimization and content optimization process is the backbone of the SEO and which is really very effective when it comes to improving the website ranking on various search engines.

Sponsored listings are one of the best and effective ways in order to get higher website ranking on search engines. Sponsored listing is kind of paid advertisement. You can find such advertisements on the right hand side of the web page.

Paid to click or paid to surf is also one of the methods of internet advertising. In this method the advertisers agrees to pay to the web surfers when they click to a particular advertisement to visit the page of the advertiser. Paid to click or paid to surf often helps in increasing the popularity of the website by bringing in more website traffic.

Besides these there are many other methods of search engine marketing and one of them is pay per click. Search engine marketing is a non-organic method of search engine optimization. The methods of search engine marketing if done in an organized way and by following all the method of jotted down on SEM check list you can achieve fruitful results in a short period of time.

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