Linux Server vs Windows Server
The comparison between Linux Vs windows server is very hot as different people have different thinking. But basically speaking Linux servers are better than windows as the Linux server is not that complex when compared to windows servers. The benefits of the Linux server are highly beneficial when compared to windows server. The Linux servers are very proficient when compared to windows as they are very stable and they really help to make the best solution for the businesses and companies. As Linux are more stable they can even be customized. Linux servers make the operating system more suitable to run on it as it helps them to avoid downtime. As most of the people prefer windows server for hosting the chances of down time are very high.

While considering the business prospects or corporate alternatives Linux stands out the best for them when compared to the windows servers as Linux is considered to be friendlier on system resources. Windows and Linux both comes in different flavors but basically all the flavors of windows server come from Microsoft, whereas in Linux the flavors are from different companies for example Red Hat, Linspire, Xandros, slackware etc.

Windows servers use license fees which may be around $1000 dollars for five users and additional $100 for an extra single user. Linux are preferable always as they are totally free no matter how many users use it. Just take an example that you own small scale businesses with around 15 employees and you have a requirement of a centralized server you will be able to save up to $2000 on license fees. There are virtually no downtime in Linux server and therefore major businesses and clients looks for Linux servers. The stability, bandwidth and uptime are considered to be the three major advantages to choose Linux server.

There is no need of any graphical user interface while using the Linux server whereas while using the windows server the need of graphical user interface is required. The absence of graphical user interface allows the performance of the system to be at the best and therefore all the applications can flows without any problems. Linux servers are easy to manage when compared to windows servers as Linux can be managed with the help of the server tools which are available in the market. Linux is also considered to be the best secure server. Therefore Linux servers are preferable for use when compared to windows server.

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