Is Ajax Good for SEO
Gmail and Google maps are based on Ajax and this made this application a hot term in web development. Several number of web developers started using the Ajax method for web site development. There are advantages related with the use of Ajax but as every coin has two sides Ajax also have some disadvantages. Ajax is not helpful from the point of view of search engine optimization and web accessibility. Search engine optimization has proved to be a very important part of web development as this process is the one which helps the website to improve their ranking on various search engines. This process is known for doing self marketing for various website with the help of the search engines but until now the search engines crawlers are not known to crawl on the content which is delivered by Ajax. Search engine crawlers are also do not praise javascript and the javascript and Ajax are directly related with each other because Ajax is highly dependent on javascript.

Ajax have lots of benefits it can save on bandwidth, data and styling is very good and can make your website look very stylish, it can be quick but it not effective from the point of increasing the rank of website on various search engines. Therefore sites made with the help of Ajax can face lots of SEO changes. Therefore it is advisable for the website owners not to control the whole page and the entire navigation of the site with the help of Ajax. Only specific elements of the website or web page should be made or controlled with the help of Ajax. Therefore Ajax is not good for the process of search engine optimization and therefore site owners should restrict the website developer to use other applications to build a website.

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