How to Make a Yahoo Site Map
A site map is very effective for a website as it helps to get the website indexed quickly by the search engines and allows your website to get listed and updated. How to make a yahoo site map is the question which is asked by many people.

Development of site initially was a very difficult and time consuming task as it had to be manually especially when there were number of web pages on your website. Now you can find number of site map generators or site mapping tool on the internet which can help you to create your yahoo site map with ease and in a short period of time. You can even find out many site generators which are free of cost which are very easy to use and which can also help you to make the site map for your website easily with quick generation of XML codes.

While using a site map generator make sure that you enter your URL code which will therefore generate a XML code for your website. Once you get the code copy and paste it on the notepad and save it as sitemap.xml and not in .txt format. Now you can upload this sitemap.xml file to your website hosting account. See to it that you save the file in the root directory where all the pages of your website are stored.

Once you have uploaded the file in the root directory you can submit it to the search engines like MSN, yahoo, Google etc. While submitting it in the search engines enter your site in the submit side feed. When you add or modify the site pages make sure that you resubmit your site map while logging into your sitemap account and by clicking on the resubmit button. The yahoo site map can prove to be very effective for your website in number of ways.

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