How are Press Releases and SEO Linked
Press releases are somewhat new in the field of SEO but they can really prove to be very effective for an SEO campaign. This type of method is relatively new and therefore many people have question Press Releases and SEO, how are they linked?

The answer to this question is that Press releases contain the link of the website and contact details along with properly optimized keywords in the content. Press releases are becoming very important part of the search engine optimization process as they are considered to be one of the fastest and easiest ways to generate more backlinks, increasing the traffic on your website and improving the visibility of your website on search engines. It also works on getting keyword ranking higher.

Backlinks: once you submit your press release created for SEO, it is picked up very quickly by the new search engines, related websites and major search engines like Yahoo, Google etc. the number of times the press releases gets picked up it is imitated on that site along with all your keywords and link of your website and this really plays an important role in generating good quality backlinks. The good quality backlinks really helps to improve the ranking of the website on the search engines and also increase the popularity of your website.

Increasing the traffic on your website and thus improving the visibility: A well written Press release will always be beneficial for your website because when it starts becoming visible in the Google news; Yahoo news etc for the specific keywords and the content the visitors will find that you are a good source of information and hence it will increase the popularity of the product and the website. this can generate additional traffic to your website and make it visible on the initial pages of the search engines.

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