Creating a Google Site Map
The site map symbolizes the structural design of the website. A site map is very helpful for the designers as it can be used as a planning tool by them for any web site design or a web page which can be targeted by the visitors and search engine bots easily. A site map is very important from the point of view of effective search engine optimization process. A site map is very important in order to make the web pages noticed especially when they are made by using the Adobe Flash or JavaScript menus which do not contain any HTML link.

If you have your website submitted to the Google search engines creating a Google site map is always advisable. A Google site map can be very helpful for your website as it helps your website to be constantly indexed and updated by Google. There are lots of benefits implementing google site map to your website but how to create it and how it does work is the biggest question which arises in the mind of the people.

Creating a site map is very easy as Google provides sitemap generator, which helps to create a site map very quickly. The Python script along with the help of site protocol helps to generate a site map for your website. The python script can create site maps with the help of URL lists; from accessible logos etc. Google site map created is in the form of XML, which is coding language, which is similar to HTML.

There are number of benefits of having a Google site map and some of them are as follows:

Makes your web pages accessible or noticeable in a speedway and allows addition of the web pages in the Google index.

A Google site map really helps Google to find the web pages in a very short span of time, which have been changed.

It enables your site to quickly appear on Google

Helps Google to search for the fresh content, which helps the people to avail the latest information

Google is considered the best search engine by many people around the world and is used in a great extent everyday. There are number of websites which are added to Google search engines and this can make your website very difficult to find. By creating a Google site map you can enable your web pages to stay fresh in Google index.

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