Are You A Website Designer or Developer
Many people have lots of confusion about the website developer and website designers as they consider both of them as the same. Are you a website designer or developer is the question asked by the people while searching for the professionals who can make a very attractive website for you? Both of them are very important from the point of view of developing a very good looking website. Website developer and website designers are both different and their work is also altogether different. Comparing both of them is differentiating between the architecture and the constructor. In order to get rid of the confusion about the two it is very to know more about them. A website designer is the one who designs the overall look of the site where as a website developer is the one who designs all the functionality of the website. The website developer is the one who pays attention to the color, graphics, layout, interaction of the links of the applications or website etc. the website designer is the one who performs the work of programming of the website and the software.

While designing an optimized website it is very necessary that they designer is creative and talented enough to meet your requirements of a very attractive website. The designer has to directly contact the clients and have to understand about their each and every requirements and priorities. This is very important as it will help the designers to design the website more efficiently and effectively. While designing the website the designer have to make sure that they use the color as per the color or theme of the product. Implementing flash, animation, overall content etc are performed by the designer whereas the developer has to make sure that the overall usability of the website is perfect.

The implementation of the website design model is called as website developer. The developer has to be in touch with their designer initially as it can help them a lot while developing a website. The developers code the website in such a way that it is displayed properly on the web. Developing an html page to creating a thorough web application for networking project all has to be done by the developer. The design team and the development team both have to conjugate together to make a well optimized website.

This is the major difference between the website developer and the designer and hence now you should not be confused about them.

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