10 Best Ways to Increase Your Google Page Rank
Getting your website ranked on the initial pages of Google can really help your website to gain great volume and quality of internet traffic. Top most ranking for your website will decide the popularity and profitability of your business. You can get long lasting and permanent top 10 rankings for your website on Google if you adopt the following 10 best ways to increase your Google page rank.

1. Original and rich keywords: keywords determine the popularity and success of the website on the search engines and hence the need for the researched keywords are is really very important. The keyword density should be anywhere between 3 to 5 percent. The success of your website is depended on the keywords research to a great extent. Good keywords will really help your website to reach the top of Google ranking and it will also determine the volume and quality of traffic on your website.

2. Title: the title of your website should be search engine friendly. While preparing a title for your website use a keyword phrase as the major search engines like Google reads the title when it scans the website. Place the title on top of web page as possible and it should be in an H1 Tag.

3. Description tag: The description tags are as good as the description of your website and hence see to it that you prepare a very descriptive tag. The descriptive tags are located below the title tags when then search engine results are out.

4. Content: the content of the website is literally the backbone of your website and hence it should be unique and descriptive. Google looks for good and fresh content while deciding the rank of the websites.

5. Domain name: The domain should be short, simple and descriptive. Your domain name should have your niche keywords. Google site ranking also depends on the domain name to some extent.

6. Google site map: creating a Google site map and submitting it can also help you to improve the website ranking on Google.

7. Related pages: Google will also look for related pages of your website while determining the website rank.

Besides the above mentioned methods Link building, blogs and back links makes the 10 best ways to increase the website ranking on Google.

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